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Income Management

Upload your royalty checks and payment information to NRM Solutions. Instantly compare your payment information with reported production. Track your oil & gas revenues, productions volumes, prices, taxes, and deductions in one place. Verify your income is correct.


Our automated system keeps you up to date on your tax ticket issues. Instantly view your tax payment status and tax amount due. Pay your real estate tax tickets and production tax tickets through NRM Solutions. NRM Solutions makes the tax process easy.

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Working with Financial Documents


NRM Solutions has an extensive list of prepared reports that will address the majority of your questions or concerns. NRM Solutions also allows you to create custom reports with your data. Quickly export your data to assist with  regulatory reviews, valuations, or  your accounting needs.


Explore your oil and gas properties like never before with our interactive map. Instantly locate the mineral tracts and wells paying you royalties, stay updated on new drilling activity and permitting in your area, and identify investment opportunities all in one place.

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Our valuation system is designed to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the value of your assets. Our system leverages advanced analytical tools to evaluate a range of key factors, including geological data, production history, and market trends. With this information at your disposal, you can make informed decisions about acquisitions, divestitures, and financing opportunities, while maximizing the value of your assets.

Document Management

Our document management tool simplifies the management of all document types. It allows multiple users to access files concurrently based on selective sharing access. As a result, there's no need to check out a file or wait for someone to return it to the file room. Our system lets you search for keywords and phrases across all your documents with ease, enabling you to reference any document at any time

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Reviewing Legal Agreement

Litigation Support

Our platform is designed to help you manage your legal cases effectively, with powerful tools for detailed revenue tracking, mapping, and valuation. Instantly access all relevant case information and documents through our advanced document management system, complete with robust search capabilities. Stay ahead of the competition with our comprehensive toolset for litigation support.

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Comparative Analyst

Quickly and easily compare operators and revenues over time. Filter your information by year, quarter, month, or custom range. Instantly analyze your information.

Recognize Trends and Forecasts

Use NRM Solutions to quickly recognize production, pricing, and deduction trends. Leverage NRM Solutions to create forecasts, budget for the future, and estimate your portfolio's value. 

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Automated Audits

NRM Solutions runs powerful automated audits in the background to validate your payment information. NRM leverages state data to directly compare production volumes with your information. Ensure your royalty payment is correct with NRM Solutions.

NRM Solutions

Data is the New Oil 

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