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NRM Solutions allows you to quickly understand your oil & gas royalty payment, production information, property location, and tax information. NRM Solutions allows you to immediately view and access data in real time. NRM Solutions is the most comprehensive, efficient, and effective management tool for your oil & gas assets.


NRM Solutions leverages the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to save you time and automate the oil & gas management process. NRM Solutions brings transparency to an unclear and complicated process. NRM Solutions makes the oil & gas management process easy.


NRM Solutions turns your data into information that you can easily understand and manage. The ability to have a better understanding of your oil and gas assets will help you make best business decisions. NRM Solutions' ability to help you make better decisions will help you maximize your income.

Our Team

Mark B Van Kirk.jpg

Mark B. Van Kirk


Director of Operations
Samantha Flesher

Devin Franz.jpg

Devin Franz

Headshot-croppped (2).jpg

Mapping Manager
Corey Gillespie

PNG image-9812EA36E3AF-1.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 9.43.31 PM.png

Managing Member
Randall A. Cottle


Project Manager
Kayla McConahy


Controller - Casey Drake

Sales Team


Director of Sales - Ed Lesnick

Wendy headshot.jpg

Wendy Smith

NRM Solutions

We Turn Data into Information

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