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Data is the New Oil.

NRM Solutions is the most sophisticated and powerful mineral management software in the market. To fully leverage and utilize NRM Solutions, you must provide the system with the necessary information. The list below identifies each document the customer should provide to onboard its portfolio.

1. Royalty Information

In exchange for executing an oil and gas lease, which allows an oil and gas company to drill and operate a well, the mineral owner receives a royalty check. This royalty check is a regularly scheduled payment to the mineral owner and represents a percentage of the revenue from production.

2. Tax Information

The tax ticket is the property tax bill each mineral owner must pay to the county for the ownership of the property. If a mineral owner receives a royalty check from the property, the owner must also pay a separate tax ticket on the production from the property. This production tax ticket is based on the royalty revenue from the oil and gas well.

3. Property Information


a. Filed in the local county courthouse where the property is located, the deed vests you with your property ownership. 

b. You sign an oil and gas lease with an oil and gas company to operate an oil and gas well. This document determines the revenue you will receive during the life of the well.

c. The division order lists the owner’s interest in an oil and gas well. This should include the name of the well, the well number, interest type, and the owner’s decimal interest.

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