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The Premier Oil & Gas Royalty Management Software

NRM Solutions - Intro
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NRM Solutions organizes, standardizes, and common sizes your oil & gas data. NRM Solutions ensures consistent revenue and production information across your entire oil & gas portfolio.


NRM Solutions verifies your royalty payment information through its relationship-based software. Use NRM Solutions to ensure your royalty payment is accurate and correct. Have peace of mind. 


NRM Solutions presents your vast data through an interface that is easy to use and understand. Extensive reports are available that will address most questions you could have. With a few clicks, you can understand your data at the granular level.

NRM Solutions was created by oil & gas owners for oil and gas owners. NRM Solutions' goal is to help oil & gas owners efficiently and effectively manage their oil and gas assets through innovation, cutting edge technology, and superior customer service.  Regardless of whether you are a small mineral owner, large mineral owner, or financial institution, NRM will manage your oil & gas assets.

We Make Complex Simple

Understand Your Data

Identify and sort your revenue by county, district, producer, well, and property. Instantly see your tax burden for each property. Quickly identify your open acreage for lease. Understand your data with NRM Solutions.

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Find Missing Revenue


NRM Solutions will uncover improper deductions and missing revenue. Use NRM Solutions to identify discrepancies in your data, correct errors, and maximize profits.

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NRM Solutions

We turn data into information,

because data is the new oil.

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